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The purpose of this website is to build awareness about the shiva temples in tamilnadu which are referred as paadal petra shivasthalams (பாடல் பெற்ற தலங்கள). They are also known as Tevara Sthalams. Tevaram literally means "garland of divine songs" and refers to the collection of verses sung praising Shiva. There are 274 temples that are revered in these verses of Shaiva Nayanars in the 6th-9th century CE. The Divya Desams by comparison are the 108 Vishnu temples glorified in the poems of the contemporary Vaishnava Alvars of Tamil Nadu, India.

Out of these 274 specific temples , 264 are scatterred across tamilnadu . All these temples have been in existence for more than 1000 years. They are huge, with elaborate ornate towers and are home to beautiful sculptures. Torch bearing the glorious heritage of tamilnadu, these temples stand out as architechtural marvels.

The well known temples like Madurai Meenakshi Temple or Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple receives footfalls through out the year . These 'paadal petra sthalams' are also equally divine and significant like the Madurai or Tanjore temples . Because of its remoteness or lack of awareness , visitors to these temples are far and few in between. This website provide the entire list of 264 temples, its location, significance, how to reach, map and other relevant information required.

How to use this website :The temples are classified and listed based on the geographical boundaries that existed at the time when the hymns were sung on these temple. The present-day name of the district , city , town is also given. Do include these temples also in your list of 'must-visit' temples of tamil nadu .

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