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Location of Tamilnadu in india

Tamilnadu is located on the southern part of India. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east, and by Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states on the other three sides.

Location of the templesLord Shiva known as
1.Thirunanaa (Bhavani)Sangameswarar
3.Karuvoor (Karur)Pasupathinathar
5.Tiruppandikodumudi (Kodumudi)Kodumudinathar
6.Tiruppukkoliyur (Avinasi)Avinasiappar

The present day Coimbatore, Erode, Namakkal, Tiruppur and Karur Districts of Tamilnadu were part of the region referred to as Kongu Naadu during the time when Thevaram Hymns were sung by the Nayanmars.

Districtwise location of these temples
Tiruppur DistrictTiruppukkoliyur (Avinasi), Tirumuruganpoondi
Erode DistrictTirunanaa (Bhavani), Tirupaandikkodumudi
Namakkal DistrictTiruchengode
Karur DistrictVenjamaakudal, Karuvoor (Karur)
kongu nadu temples mapMap of Kongu naadu temples
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The five grand temples enshrining Lord Shiva as a manisfestation of five elements are known as Pancha Bootha Sthalangal. These are:-

1. Tiruvannamalai (Fire)
2. Kancheepuram (Land)
3. Tiruvanaikaval (Water)
4. Sri Kalahasti (Air) and
5. Chidambaram (Sky)

Out of the above, Sri Kalahasti is in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The temples where Lord Shiva is believed to have performed the Cosmic Dance are referred to as Pancha Sabhai Sthalangal. These are:-

1. Chidambaram (Porsabai)
2. Madurai (Vellisabai)
3. Tiruvalangadu (Rathinasabai)
4. Tirunelveli (Thamirasabai)
5. Kuttralam (Chithirasabai).