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Out of the 274 temples which were glorified in the Tevaram Hymns sung by the Nayanmars, 264 temples or Shivastalams are located in Tamilnadu (including Pondicherry). Even out of these 264 temples, a majority of them (190) are located in the erstwhile Chola Naadu and are situated on the north side (63) and south side (127) of river Cauvery. 14 Shivastalams are located in what is classified as Pandiya Naadu and 7 Shivastalams are located in Kongu Naadu. Tondai Naadu boasts of 31 Shivastalams and Nadu Naadu boasts of the remaining 22 Shivasthalams.

Temple location summary
Chola Naadu
(North of river Kaveri)
Chola Naadu
(South of river Kaveri)
Pandiya Naadu14
Nadu Naadu22
Thondai Naadu31
Kongu Naadu7

These 264 temples are grouped according to the geographical boundaries prevailing in those days as classified above when these temples were glorified in the hymns composed by the Nayanmars, especially by Appar (Thirunavukarasar), Sundarar and Thirugnanasambandar. Majority of these temples are situated in the present day Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Tiruchy districts of Tamilnadu.

The remaining 10 Sivasthalams, which are located outside the state of Tamilnadu, are as follows:
1. Kerala State (Malai Naadu) - 1
2. Andhra Pradesh - (Thondai Naadu) - 1
3. Karnataka State (Thuluva Naadu) - 1
4. Sri Lanka (Eezha Naadu) - 2 and
5. North India (Vada Naadu) - 5
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